Quality and Excellence in
Asphalt Paving Since 1939
Concrete & Excavating Services

In addition to providing expert asphalt paving and milling services, Ronyak Paving can be your turnkey paving contractor with our concrete and excavating services. Because we can provide a full line of related programs for your parking lot and roadway paving, we can more easily meet your budget and schedule needs.

Our excavating and concrete services include installing various types of curbs, sidewalks, aprons, catch basins, dumpster pads, and much more. Our highly trained craftsmen take great pride in what they do, and work hard to deliver quality products and services on every project.

When you contract with Ronyak Paving, you not only get the most experienced asphalt paving contractor in Northeast Ohio, but you get a company that can provide all of the required services for your parking lot and roadway project including paving, concrete and excavating.

We see it as the welcome mat
to your business.

Ronyak Paving has been working in
Northeast Ohio since 1939. Chances are,
we've already paved a lot near you. But we
never rest our reputation on a past project.
We'll work hard to give you a new or resurfaced surface that that will last for years to come.

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