Quality and Excellence in
Asphalt Paving Since 1939
Hot Mix Production

Ronyak Paving is unique because we operate our own asphalt processing plant. Located in Shalersville, Ohio, this plant can produce and store over 500 tons of asphalt mix ready to be deployed on any project at any time.
  Because we have access to our own asphalt processing plant, we are able to supply the necessary asphalt materials for even the largest projects. When you choose Ronyak Paving, you need not worry about waiting for resources or running short on a project.
We staff a full-time Asphalt Quality Control Technician, who works out of our ODOT Level 3 certified lab. This allows Shalersville Asphalt to not only test the asphalt being produced for quality and performance, but also permits us to create our own mix designs for our customer's specific needs.
    GO GREEN.  We know how important it is to recycle the earth's limited resources as much as possible. The same holds true for asphalt paving. We are able to recycle and reuse upwards of 30,000 tons of asphalt material per year. This eco-friendly effort helps to keep resources out of our landfills and reduces the cost of new paving projects as well.
   To further our green initiatives, we have adopted "Warm Mix  Asphalt" (vs Hot Mix  Asphalt) procedures that require lower temperatures that dramatically conserve fuel while decreasing emissions and greenhouse gases. With our own asphalt processing plant, not only do our customers gain an advantage, but our environment benefits as well.
We see it as the welcome mat
to your business.

Ronyak Paving has been working in
Northeast Ohio since 1939. Chances are,
we've already paved a lot near you. But we
never rest our reputation on a past project.
We'll work hard to give you a new or resurfaced surface that that will last for years to come.

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